[eng] Amanda Ahumada - Eat myself away

She scurries to the kitchen for yet another cookie.
Nibbling greedily as though each bite held happiness.
She tiptoes in silence, to the cupboard and reaches for another bag of anything that will crunch loud enough to silence the running thoughts in her head.
She chews through each breath of air as though she were swallowing glass.
She raises a glass when she cannot hold herself up to the version of her she was trained to be.
On a sunny day, a good day, she is a good girl; she licks her ice scream.
Must keep tongue occupied so as not to let fierce words escape.
On a sunny day, a good day the ice scream is sweet, her insides scream
When night falls, she sharpens the kitchen knives, preparing a dinner for two.
With precision, she carves her arms.
She is the main dish.
And while preparing dessert she prays that with each spoonful of sugar she be turned into something nice.

* Amanda Ahumada
I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada February 1979 to two Chileans. At 13 years of age, I started a new chapter of my life when my parents returned to Chile.
I have a beautiful daughter who fills my soul with joy.
Stand-Up Comedy The Chistolas:
Storytelling in Santiago:
ig @storytelling.in.santiago

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