[eng] Camila Vaccaro - The Witch

In the nights of moon and alcohol
I become the only thing I am
A witch with claws that scare
With iguana plumage and legs
I run free down the alley
In the dark I feel better.

With my anteater tongue
I suck insects through the holes
And since I now have eight legs
I climb the walls like a spider
I've never felt so good before
With my steed-shaped tail. 

My little mouth full of cockroaches
Makes anyone who passes by fall in love 
The tentacles in my hair
Hypnotizes cats and mice 
That I eat quietly afterwards 
With pepper, rosemary and merken.

If one of those nights you see me 
Who knows what may happen
I'll devour you to the core, 
Then I’ll jump from your window
And lose myself in the huge city, 
In the woods or above the sea
I assure you, you won't find me.

With the first rays of the sun
The invocation is undone 
And I find myself naked and at home
I smile and go to bed.

[1] You can listen to the song and watch the illustrated video here: link.
The witch
Lyrics and Music: Camila Vaccaro
Animation: Carla Vaccaro

* Camila Vaccaro. Chilean musician -creator and performer- with a repertoire rooted in the popular music and folklore of the South American cone. In 2019 she releases her first solo album "La Bruja" [The Witch], where myths and fantastic characters make up a musical bestiary to the sound of Latin American rhythms and powerful processed sounds. Today she delves into the power of the intimate in a solo format, where raw poetry, strings, accordion and voice, are conjured in the urgent song of these days.

[1] Translated from the Spanish by Andrea Balart.

© Camila Vaccaro. 
Illustration Carla Vaccaro. ig @carlavaccaro_ilustradora

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