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“Simone Revue Writing Club” 

What is feminism? What is a feminist text? What is an activist text? What is the politics of literature? What makes a text democratic? 

How do we disarm to end violence? 
How do we disarm sexism, racism, speciesism? 
Today more than ever we need to reflect on what we read and write. 
To disarm is to create strategies for a present without violence. Equality is created. To write democratically is to fight and resist. If we understand the politics that organize what we write we can dismantle violence. A literary workshop that disarms by creating another possible world. We have settled definitively in word and speech. Today no one is silent. Nothing and nobody is going to stop us. 
As Rancière says, politics of literature implies that literature intervenes as literature in this carving up of space and time, the visible and the invisible, speech and noise. It intervenes in the relationship between practices and forms of visibility and modes of saying that carves up one or more common worlds. 

We invite everyone that has published in Simone to join.
Taller literario / Atelier d’écriture / Literary workshop (esp-fr-eng)
Led by feminist authors: Andrea Balart · Constanza Carlesi · Maria Luisa Espinoza @la_conirina_carlesi @electropuraa  

Writing community. Text reading and discussion. Giving feedback and hearing suggestions from other writers. 
In Lyon, France (69004) conversation in French (in-person participation).
First session April 27 16h
If you are a Simone author and you are interested in participating please write to us to the following email: (we have limited places!). 
Bring your feminist literary text written in Spanish, French or English during 2024. Maximum 1500 words. The theme and literary gender is up to each author.
Thank you! And see you soon.

Simone’s team

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